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Founded in 2015 by seasoned technology experts, Atta Systems is a fully fledged software product studio. We help global brands and start-ups innovate with the use of cutting edge technologies and proven product design techniques.

Engineers team at the office

Global Company

We are a global company with customers from multiple continents and offices in 4 countries: Singapore, the US, the UK and Romania.


Who we are

Great engineers and committed teams for your project

At the heart of Atta Systems sits a group of proven technologists, specialists in our field. Our continuous growth mindset is embedded into every software product we work on. We invest in our own personal and professional development, and make sure you always have access to the best expertise in world.

We have the knowledge and skills to design, develop, and provide business-compliant, secure tech solutions. Our software engineering team members constantly broaden their knowledge of backend and frontend development, as well as DevOps.

Leadership team


Business Development Manager, Singapore

Florian has a solid financial background and is now mixing it with technology to create value in emerging ASEAN markets. Florian spent his first twenty years in Germany, then moved to Singapore. He has a unique understanding of different markets, that he applies successfully for our customers that want to turn ideas into solid businesses for the global market.


Managing Partner

World renowed technology consultant turned entrepreneur, with 15 years of software engineering and engineering management experience. Graduated Software Engineering with big data and scalable infrastructures degree. His ability to come up with complex software solutions that are easy to understand is unmatched.


Managing Partner

Passionate entrepreneur with extensive technology background. Graduated Software Engineering with Computer Vision & AI degree. Has a good eye and nose for specialists that work good together and can build the right team for any project. He has a good grip on reality and understands how technology can impact businesses for the best.

What makes us great

Our values are the glue that holds us together

Every great team needs something to keep it tight, like a special glue. We came together around a common set of values and they are what binds us through thick and thin.

Once we decide to start work on a project, we commit to delivering it successfully. We have a high level of ownership and accountability.

Our industry evolves fast. We acknowledge this and keep ourselves informed. This way, we do the best work of our careers on every project we deliver.

Perfection is not the result of epiphany, but simply a continuous series of try, fail, succeed, repeat. We learn from every challenge and embrace everything unfamiliar with curiosity.

We are passionate about what we do. We know there is no other way to greatness. “Do what you love” and “love what you do” are both essential to us.

Together we are stronger, that is a fact. We always act as a team and we team up with our clients in order to deliver the best possible software products.

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