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Our team members have been among the first Android and iOS Engineers in the world. We were one of the first to have our apps featured on the Google Play Store and the App Store thanks to our fine mix of design and engineering skills. We have the right expertise to help our customers deliver an amazing mobile experience to their audience.

An app is definitely not the end goal itself, but a means to provide the users with an efficient, user friendly way to solve a specific problem. We deeply understand this and we always encourage our customers to put themselves in the shoes of their target audience, to fully understand the problem and the business potential before moving on to the actual software product design and development phase.

Our amazing team has built complex apps in the past 10 years: medical apps (in fields like radiology, dermatology), government/administration apps, Uber-like apps, apps that communicate with IoT devices, apps for big international clients. And we are looking forward to the next 10 years of building attractive mobile experiences.


We cover a great deal of technologies when it comes to mobile development. We are experts in native iOS and Android development, as well as hybrid mobile technologies like React Native and Flutter. We also cover cutting edge mobile technologies like AR, VR, voice, image processing, and computer vision with the use of the camera capabilities available on the newer generation phones.

Creation process

Our apps are built with ease of use, security, and scalability in mind from day one. Complementing our app development expertise, our team also covers user research, user experience, user interface design, and backend development. We, atAtta Systems, can handle the whole mobile app software product creation process for you, simplifying your life and making sure your product will meet expectations.

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