Backend Engineering

How we do it

We develop bespoke backend systems to build high-quality products

Since early 2010s, we have built amazing backend systems for our portfolio of software products, created for the audiences of our customers. We believe the best backends provide the right security, scalability, compatibility, and speed based on specific needs. Our backends have passed audits done by the UN, central governments, and independent companies.

Even though most people may not realise this, the backend of a software product is tremendously important because it touches on every part of the user facing interface (web or mobile apps). Almost every operation a user does through the user interface is translated in some information being sent to the backend, the backend doing some business logic and then returning an answer.

The backends we have created so far range from pretty simple systems to very complex systems that contain multiple databases, multiple services, a great number of integrations, and very specific components like search engines or AI/ML systems.


We put a great emphasis on the security of the backend systems we build. This is especially true for some of the work we have done in healthcare, administration, government, and child care, where data security, integrity, and access are extremely important.

The test of time

We make sure the backend systems we build can withstand the test of time and work flawlessly, continuously, even under stress conditions like a spike in the usage, a spike in the amount of data etc. We setup the right tools to continuously monitor the systems like: NewRelic, Crashlytics, and Pingdom.



AI Powered Radiology Platform. Medicai makes collaboration around medical imaging really easy with a cloud PACS, integrated DIICOM Viewer and messaging in the same place.


Effective Interest Rate Calculator

Ernst & Young(EY) is working together with various banks on their Effective Interest Rate (EIR) needs. The platform implements a complex methodology that gathers the required data from the bank and produces the monthly EIR reports.


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