Diagnostics, Performance and Debugging

Diagnostics for software systems, performance monitoring, debugging for apps, websites and backend systems

Our proactive approach to diagnostics ensures that potential problems are recorded, prioritized, and solved immediately. We are proud that our apps are above 99% crash free and our frontends have an error rate below 1% of the user sessions. We continue to monitor performance long after the development work is completed.

We take your software products performance seriously. In the rare event that a significant crash, error or performance issue occurs, we use powerful tools like New Relic and Crashlytics to receive urgent alerts so we can investigate and solve the issue. We also create custom alerts that notify us based on the things that are most important in terms of software product performance. All of these notifications happen immediately. So we are aware of the issue almost in real time and race to solve it as soon as possible.

Bug fixing


The backend systems we develop are the backbone of the software products delivered. We make sure the backends are highly available, resilient to attacks, and secure. We take measures to ensure that scalability is achieved without any unavailability or with great performance reductions. We use diagnostics and reporting tools like New Relic, Rollbar, and Pingdom to make sure everything runs smoothly all the time.

Performance analytics

In addition to crash and performance monitoring, we keep a close eye on other important metrics like: time to first byte, payload size, response time, simultaneous connections, app metrics like install rate, time spent in the app, and others. These analytics, and many more, give you critical feedback on whether your app is meeting your business goals. We can respond to user feedback, especially feedback that can help us collect more information about bugs or performance issues.



AI Powered Radiology Platform. Medicai makes collaboration around medical imaging really easy with a cloud PACS, integrated DIICOM Viewer and messaging in the same place.


Effective Interest Rate Calculator

Ernst & Young(EY) is working together with various banks on their Effective Interest Rate (EIR) needs. The platform implements a complex methodology that gathers the required data from the bank and produces the monthly EIR reports.


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