Digital Transformation

We help you rethink your processes for a digital economy

Digital Transformation is completely worth the effort when it is done right. This means taking the time to put together a coherent strategy, focused on the user. Like every transformation, it requires change form top to bottom: customer interaction with the company will change, the internal flows of the employees will change, and ultimately, the company will change, becoming a company that embraces technology and sets itself on the right path, in the new digital economy.

We helped clients all over the world (The World Bank, Carrefour) on their digital transformation journey. Some might think that moving a pen and paper process or an offline process to online is equal to digital transformation. However, what we’ve learned over the years is that digital transformation is about completely rethinking all processes for a digital world.


Our toolbox

We make good use of user experience design techniques, mix them with state-of-the art engineering and efficient software engineering.

  • User Personas
  • Moodboards
  • User Research & Interviews
  • Prototyping
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Powerful Visualizations
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Responsive User Interfaces for all screen sizes (mobile, web, watch, TV etc)

“Silicon Valley start-ups are known for their agile decision making, rapid prototyping and flat structures. The process of digital transformation is inherently uncertain: changes need to be made provisionally and then adjusted; decisions need to be made quickly; and groups from all over the organization need to get involved. As a result, traditional hierarchies get in the way. It’s best to adopt a flat organizational structure that’s kept somewhat separate from the rest of the organization.”

Harvard Business Review


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