React Native Development

We build custom bespoke mobile apps using React Native, for both iOS and Android

React Native is a fairly new technology that started to gain traction in the mobile development world, thanks to some of its very powerful advantages:

  • Single codebase. Most of the code is not duplicated for iOS and Android. This means less development costs and less maintenance costs (you change the code only in one place instead of 2).
  • For apps that have a lot of UI, React Native has a smaller UI development feedback loop (you can instantly see the changes done, without having to recompile).
  • Easy to learn. React Native is a framework based on JavaScript, which is a fairly easy to learn language, with a lot of resources available.

React Native is supported by Facebook and other big tech companies.

Mobile development


AI Powered Radiology Platform. Medicai makes collaboration around medical imaging really easy with a cloud PACS, integrated DIICOM Viewer and messaging in the same place.


Effective Interest Rate Calculator

Ernst & Young(EY) is working together with various banks on their Effective Interest Rate (EIR) needs. The platform implements a complex methodology that gathers the required data from the bank and produces the monthly EIR reports.


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