User Interface Design

Why we are good at it

Designing interfaces that please the eye

We believe that visual design and functional design are interconnected. This is why we make sure the app has an appealing user interface design and respects the cognitive psychology guidelines. We do lots of sketches and mockups that go from low-fidelity to high fidelity throughout the process. And in the end, the app looks flawless and it works flawlessly.

Tools we love

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AI Powered Radiology Platform. Medicai makes collaboration around medical imaging really easy with a cloud PACS, integrated DIICOM Viewer and messaging in the same place.


Effective Interest Rate Calculator

Ernst & Young(EY) is working together with various banks on their Effective Interest Rate (EIR) needs. The platform implements a complex methodology that gathers the required data from the bank and produces the monthly EIR reports.


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