Web / Frontend Development

We create amazing web applications that empower the user to do more, faster

Since early 2000s, our team members have played around with web technologies. The early days were impressive because of the speed at which technologies were evolving. In the past couple of years we have seen extremely powerful frameworks that enabled a whole new era for web apps and web experiences, like Angular or React.

Over the past couple of years, we have created amazing web applications that empower users to do more, faster, in various fields like administration and government, healthcare, finance, and many others.

Easy to use, secure and scalable

Our web apps are built with ease of use, security, and scalability in mind from day one. Complementing our web development expertise, our team also covers user research, user experience, user interface design, and backend development. We, at Atta Systems, can handle the software product creation process for you.

Performance & availability

Performance and availability are always covered. We make sure the website has minimum down-time and is permanently monitored for errors or warnings. We use diagnostics and reporting tools like New Relic, Rollbar, and Pingdom to make sure everything runs smoothly all the time.


Want to make an impact?

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